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DD003: Hard Mix // Star Slinger Split 7" SOLD OUT

by Hard Mix and Star Slinger

£5.00 / Sold Out


A side: Hard Mix - Eye Contact

B side: Star Slinger - Remedy

We are very excited to announce that our third release - a split between Hard Mix and Star Slinger - is OUT NOW.

This release is limited to 300 copies only. The first 100 on blue vinyl have now Sold Out.

We love both of these guys for making the kind of future-thinking music with a lean on twisted beats that we go crazy for. We're really happy with the pairing and think this one could be a classic. Listen below and hit us up here if you want one. 

DD003 A1: Star Slinger // Remedy by Double Denim Records DD003 A1: Hard Mix // Eye Contact by Double Denim Records