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DD001 - Blackbird Blackbird // Pure/So Sorry, Girl + PaoPao Feat Prizes - Liberia SOLD OUT

by Blackbird Blackbird

£5.00 / Sold Out

Double Denim Records is beyond excited to announce Blackbird Blackbird as our inaugural release on our favourite format - the 7” single.

Blackbird Blackbird has emerged as one of the most talented guys in electronic music, with his shimmering sparkly pop jams - songs like ‘Pure’ and ‘So Sorry, Girl’ are like capsule love letters, set to the kind of glitter-ball synth music that is defining the year. ‘So Sorry’ is his breakout moment, with no time to catch your breath, straight in to the bounciest synth pop jam of the year so far and ‘Pure’ is the stuff of after hours dreaming, like being picked up by a cloud from your sleep and carried around on its back.

SIDE A - Blackbird Blackbird

1. Pure

2. So Sorry, Girl

SIDE B - PaoPao Feat Prizes

1. Liberia


Blackbird Blackbird – Pure (Official Music Video) from Isaac Bauman on Vimeo.