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DD005: Christian AIDS Stay + 7" SOLD OUT

by Christian AIDS

£5.50 / Sold Out



A/ Stay Positive
B/ Young Luv

We are very excited to announce the release of Christian AIDS debut single. We first heard from Manchester’s Christian AIDS only a few weeks back and blogged their creep-rave video for ‘Stay Positive’. That song is now called ‘Stay +’ and is paired with a brand new song ‘Young Luv’ which is blowing us away too. Early ordering advised!

Pre-Order now - Limited to 500
Ships 23rd of May.

“It's the quality of those tracks that makes them worth taking seriously…It's a curious blend of chillwave/witch house haunted-pop techniques, dubstep twitchiness, production glitches and rave dynamics…Stay Positive ends up sounding like a ghostly evocation of 90s dance.” – The Guardian

“A driving bass, indistinct lyrics, grainy distortion but less than normal and never overwrought... Probably the most listenable. Amazing.” The Fader